Wild Grace Farm



the farmhouse

Our home was built somewhere around 1800. We are in the process of restoring both the house and the farm to it's former glory. In the past, this property has been used as a farm, homestead, bed and breakfast, and private residence. We want to continue our home's legacy of hospitality and for it to be an inviting and welcoming place for all. Interested in getting a closer look? Come stay with us! Check out our Retreat page for more information.



the property

Our farm sits on 28 acres of land. About 4 acres of that is currently pasture, fields, and gardens. The remaining 24 acres is wooded, though we believe that at one point in the past it was all farm land. We are slowly undergoing the process of reclaiming some of our woods as farmland. What is left wooded will have trails so that everyone who stays with us at Wild Grace Farm will be able to enjoy our beautiful land. Staying with us and want to get a closer look at our beautiful land? Check out our Store page to add a farm tour or a guided hike to your Retreat experience.