Orchard planted on a Rainy Day

The best way to celebrate both Easter and Earth Day. Planting an orchard in the pouring rain. These fruit trees (apples, plums, pears, and peaches) will become part of our future pick your own orchard...part of our 5 year plan. Patience is key. 

When your bare root tree order is ready, the forecast is for rain all day and this is the day you have to plant...you still proceed! 48 apple, peach and plum trees planted in the rain with Francis, Alexandra, and Joseph Stewart. That’s me (Craig Watson) dripping, but very happy in the middle. Meanwhile, Francis’ mom Joanne was helping back at the house organizing and Carolyn brought us all lunch! We are in countdown mode for “soft opening” of Wild Grace Farm Store on May 23rd. Official opening later in June! #wildgracefarm #wildgracefarmstore #libertymaine#localfoodisbest #thesearerealseasons #farmtostore @ Liberty, Maine